Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

1. Arrested Development is coming back soon! The roomie and I are embarking on a serious watch-the-whole-series-as-fast-as-possible binge just to cram our brains with as many Bananagrabbing details as possible.

2. My friend British Jacob (he's British!) turned me on to this SUPER 420-friendly video (sorry babies and grandmas) by Dune Rats, and after watching it about a million times over the past couple weeks I still love it! Really good surf rock, and you can even watch them right after this serious bongapalooza conducting a super-stoned interview with Simon from DZ Deathrays, the band whose video was the inspiration for the Dune Rats'. I do have to warn you though: They're majorly foxy Australians!

3. Does it get much better than properly crazy female comedians? People like Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and of course Kristen Schaal always blow my mind by how great they are. They take a pretty male-dominated field, show up, and very rudely stick around whether or not they were invited there in the first place. Kristen Schaal is going to be taking on the lead in the pilot for a new ABC show "Pulling." Can not WAIT to get my eyes on that, hopefully packed with all the madness we've come to expect from her! A little more about Schaal in this Salon article.

4. Speaking of hot punks and badass girls, be sure to give Creep Street a little peruse sometime. It won't be long till I get this raglan from their new Murder We Wrote collection, or at the very least something with SATAN IS WAITIN' on it. Plus, their product descriptions are killer.

5. I'd like to casually introduce Scumbag Wednesdays. Exact execution is up to interpretation, but spend your Wednesdays having beer for breakfast, painting your nails instead of doing the dishes, getting stoned and making cookies, waking up on friends couches, or at the very least skip your deodorant for the day. It feels good to be bad, Lush Scouts, real good. 


'Cause oh honey I'll smoke you till I'm dying,

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