Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heavy Rotation

Good evening Scouts! I'm coming to you live from my bed, injured, as I have been all week. It's a sad existence to have a reason to not go to work (my poor messed-up back), and yet be completely unable to do anything interesting (I can barely get across my apartment). It does mean, however, that I've lots of time to listen to music and read, so this week's heavy rotation came to me easily. It really runs the gamut this week, from morose, chilled-out Beck (does anyone else feel like they've been waiting a lonnnng time for a follow up to Sea Change?), twangy Shovels and Rope, absolutely fabulous Sharon Jones (I love her dress in this video), and girl-punk Tweens. And please forgive me for the two songs that also appeared on the Grammys. I SWEAR I HAD THEM ON THIS LIST BEFORE THE GRAMMYS.

1. Be Mean - Tweens

2. Blue Moon - Beck

3. Bad Luck - Shovels and Rope

4. Stranger to My Happiness - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

5. Glad - The Wood Brothers

6. Queenie Eye - Paul McCartney

7. Drunk in Love - Beyoncé

your sweetness is killing me,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Night Zen

See you on the flipside lushies!

Hashbrowns with Red Onion & Chard | Fat and Happy

Good morning, Lush Scouts! Here's a go-to fancy-schmancy recipe from a serious hashbrown lover. When i go to brunch, I find myself seriously offended (it gets emotional) that hashbrowns aren't offered with every single dish! Who would want hashbrowns with their french toast, gu?! You might ask. Well the answer is GU! And while there's nothing wrong with your classic pile of russet 'tate shreds all fried up and smothered in ketchup (droooool), when at home I like to make this version. With healthy greens to add some color, and red onions to add a little zest, these are just as easy and five times the YUM.

There's my pile of veggies. For just a two-serving morning for you and a lush friend (or just you), 2-3 potatoes, half an onion, and a few leaves of chard should do the trick. I had a full fridge, so I made enough to feed an army of gu's! I'll give you the super-sized recipe to double or half as you please. 

Hashbrowns with Red Onion & Chard

10 small/medium red potatoes
2 medium red onions
1 bundle rainbow chard
Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste

Makes about 10 servings

It might be a little insulting to even include directions, because they're so simple! I will say, that even my biggest frying pan only held half of the ingredients at a time. Silver lining: if you eff up the first batch, you get a second try! 

Give your chopping hand a good stretch and put on your favorite record, you're gonna be here for a while! Chop your potatoes into thin pieces, leaving the skin on. Slice the onion from stem to root, then in thin slices so they'll cook into nice strings. I cut my chard horizontally (the short way) and leave the stem in because it's crunchy and pretty, and I suspect some health benefits might be hiding in there! Once I cut across, I'll just do some haphazard chops for good measure, so the chard isn't too perfect.

Get your skillet going on med-high heat with a good amount of your olive of choice. First, toss the onions on and get them to that see-through level before you throw the potatoes on top. Cover the pan and hang out for a good few minutes (this could be a good time to make a mimosa... just a suggestion) so that the bottom starts to brown and the potatoes get nice and tender. Flip/stir depending on your personal hashbrown style, put the chard on top and cover that puppy back up (further mimosa opportunity). After the other side of the potatoes & onions have had enough time to brown and cook fully, remove the lid and give the whole thing a stir. Cook uncovered for a few more minutes stirring now and then, and get excited! 

The best part of making the monstrous portion is the leftovers! Freeze what you won't eat in 2-cup portions, and you can have some delish 'browns at a moment's notice next weekend, too. Brunch fa days!

What about them, I'm all about them,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five

1. I am obsessed with a little website that I think I've mentioned before called Human. While they have a lot of novelty tees that aren't really my style, they also have lots of feminism-themed items that I find more than amusing (I even purchased a crewneck sweater that I pretty much haven't taken off since I bought it). Take, for example, the below:

A bright and cuddly blanket to curl up with while also supporting eye patches and equality?

Some new throw pillows to spice up your apartment?

Or perhaps you'd rather wear your heart on your sleeve?

2. So basically, trailers forever. I've been keeping a window with 20 tabs of beautiful vintage trailers open in my Chrome for week. Did it weird out the man? Maybe. But I have a feeling there might be some paintings and/or papercuttings and/or beautiful daydreams coming.

(Srsly. Look at those flamingos... swoooon.)

3. One of my favorite ladies, my main sister/dirty mistress from my time in foreign lands, shared this pin with me, reigniting my passion for the Austrian artist Egon Shiele. I forgot just how much I enjoy his works. A student of Klimt, his life was crazy, his choices were questionable, and he may have been run out of multiple towns for his 'improper' behavior, but his depictions of places, women, and sex are gorgeous and unique. I encourage you to take a look!

4.  I'm in love with these dainty old lady teacups with sassy sayings inside from UO... I will divise a plan to make these. Stand by!

5. Lastly, for your lulz:

Inner-City Wizard School from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

mama says you should do it while you're young,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Earning A Patch In: Papercutting

What have I been doing while I've been away from you all this time Scouts? Well I decided to take up papercutting, of course! 

I stocked up on knives and cutting mats and cardstock during black Friday (holler at Joann's deal$$$), and looked at some online tutes. I dumbed down this tutorial to my cave-woman level equipment and finally completed my first piece. It's a little something to send my little niece for her birthday. I hope to eventually improve to more intricate work, like Rob Ryan and Suzy Taylor, but as they say: PRACTICE!

Step 1: The puzzle of figuring out exactly what to cut and what to leave and where to connect it all. Black permanent marker for cuts, white for keeps.

Step 2: Start cutting. Don't fuck it up.

Step 3: Gaze upon the beauty of your creation. 

The process reminds me a lot of linocutting, which I always enjoyed, but minus the actual linoleum and ink and supplies! I love how organic and yet structured this particular media is, as exemplified by the gorgeous paper cuts and other products based on the designs of Emily Brown at BirdMafia

I adore these simple Valentines and greetings from the Bird Mafia site! (Click photos to be taken directly to those items on etsy.) I can definitely see myself sending little paper-cut 'howdy's in the mail. So keep an eye out to see what else I cook up!

don't you lay those hallelujahs on those babies anymore,

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five

1. I'm kinda bad at the internet--I know that seems like a weird thing to admit, but I am famously not great at finding cool new blogs etc. (unlike you! you hip scout reading LS before it's even cool) But this week I discovered a new blog and also a new person I want to be: Keiko Lynn. Find her blog at She wears amazing outfits that are the perfect combo of badass and girly. Gurl is revvin' my fashion engines, and even makes me kinda want to wear cool eyeshadow!

2. The Looking for Love Sunglasses from ModCloth. Only one month till V Day! Cait and I got matching pairs.

3. This 'Huge Uterus Plush' toy. I want to hug it.
4. My weekend marathon show this week is Lilyhammer. It's a netflix original about a Mafia member who gets relocated to Norway and makes the 'Gu Frown' face a lot. Watch it!

5. I bought a LOT of Chia Seeds. A LOT. I definitely got caught up in the magic of costco, but I suppose there are worse random items to come home with in bulk! They have a zillion health benefits (my new years resolution is to be very regular) and I won't bore you with those because I'm sure your healthy friends have already spammed facebook with them. I've only tried a few things with them, and I'm in search of the perfect use! I've made the Easy Chia Pudding pictured below (I give it a B), I've added Chia to my oatmeal (A-),  and  soaked the chia seeds in orange juice and used the mixture in this Pineapple Coconut Citamin C Smoothie (A+). Send your favorite recipes my way, I have more than enough to do some experimenting!

How to make chia seed pudding

Ch ch ch ch chia!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Gu Records!

Now don't be fooled here--most of these are not new to the actual music world. More accurately, I gots me a Crosley Turntable in the fall and got to stock up on records! I bought the record player in this olive/pea/avocado green color against Cait's serious insistence--she repeatedly warned me that it would arrive looking much less like a classy avocado and much more like a gross pea soup than I was expecting. I'm sticking with classy avocado--I love my little record player!

Here are my favorites that I've picked up so far, in no particular order:

Celebration Rock - Japandroids
The vinyl is white!! I am so so so happy I got this one, I listen to this whole album in one form or another about once a week. 

Bitter Rivals - Sleigh Bells
The vinyl is clear! SO cool. If there were a better vid to post I'd give you my other favs off the album: Sing Like a Wire and Young Legends.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Save The Music: Record Store Day 12" #1 - Shawn Lee
A legendary discovery by my boyfriend on a lazy morning at the record store around the corner, AND the vinyl is orange! This song by AM & Shawn Lee was on repeat for weeks:

Cripple Crow - Devendra Banhart
Very first record I bought! Devendra's been with me since my Monica & Hallie & Ben days, and he's staying with me.

Fuckin' A - The Thermals
I hope you  guys care what color half of my records are.. this one's see-through blue! 

Daughter of Cloud - Of Montreal
Where to begin with Of Montreal? I got my weird on to Of Montreal consistently from high school all the way through college (that's a long time!!), and I think their happy-bouncy-strange-but-who-cares music describes me through those 8 years really well. Then out of the blue a couple months ago my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to their show and it was the CRAZIEST experience--I couldn't stop laughing and thinking how some things never change, and thank goodness. Then the darling BF gave me this album on vinyl for my birthday, and the renaissance continues. Much more mellow than what you'd normally think of, and you have to listen to Feminine Effects off of the album too, but I love this song:

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel

Crosby Stills & Nash - Crosby Stills & Nash
A favorite for two main reasons. 1. Suite, Judy Blue Eyes, and 2. This photo in the centerfold:

Wings Greatest - Wings

The party's crashing us now,