Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five

1. I'm kinda bad at the internet--I know that seems like a weird thing to admit, but I am famously not great at finding cool new blogs etc. (unlike you! you hip scout reading LS before it's even cool) But this week I discovered a new blog and also a new person I want to be: Keiko Lynn. Find her blog at She wears amazing outfits that are the perfect combo of badass and girly. Gurl is revvin' my fashion engines, and even makes me kinda want to wear cool eyeshadow!

2. The Looking for Love Sunglasses from ModCloth. Only one month till V Day! Cait and I got matching pairs.

3. This 'Huge Uterus Plush' toy. I want to hug it.
4. My weekend marathon show this week is Lilyhammer. It's a netflix original about a Mafia member who gets relocated to Norway and makes the 'Gu Frown' face a lot. Watch it!

5. I bought a LOT of Chia Seeds. A LOT. I definitely got caught up in the magic of costco, but I suppose there are worse random items to come home with in bulk! They have a zillion health benefits (my new years resolution is to be very regular) and I won't bore you with those because I'm sure your healthy friends have already spammed facebook with them. I've only tried a few things with them, and I'm in search of the perfect use! I've made the Easy Chia Pudding pictured below (I give it a B), I've added Chia to my oatmeal (A-),  and  soaked the chia seeds in orange juice and used the mixture in this Pineapple Coconut Citamin C Smoothie (A+). Send your favorite recipes my way, I have more than enough to do some experimenting!

How to make chia seed pudding

Ch ch ch ch chia!


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