Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hashbrowns with Red Onion & Chard | Fat and Happy

Good morning, Lush Scouts! Here's a go-to fancy-schmancy recipe from a serious hashbrown lover. When i go to brunch, I find myself seriously offended (it gets emotional) that hashbrowns aren't offered with every single dish! Who would want hashbrowns with their french toast, gu?! You might ask. Well the answer is GU! And while there's nothing wrong with your classic pile of russet 'tate shreds all fried up and smothered in ketchup (droooool), when at home I like to make this version. With healthy greens to add some color, and red onions to add a little zest, these are just as easy and five times the YUM.

There's my pile of veggies. For just a two-serving morning for you and a lush friend (or just you), 2-3 potatoes, half an onion, and a few leaves of chard should do the trick. I had a full fridge, so I made enough to feed an army of gu's! I'll give you the super-sized recipe to double or half as you please. 

Hashbrowns with Red Onion & Chard

10 small/medium red potatoes
2 medium red onions
1 bundle rainbow chard
Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste

Makes about 10 servings

It might be a little insulting to even include directions, because they're so simple! I will say, that even my biggest frying pan only held half of the ingredients at a time. Silver lining: if you eff up the first batch, you get a second try! 

Give your chopping hand a good stretch and put on your favorite record, you're gonna be here for a while! Chop your potatoes into thin pieces, leaving the skin on. Slice the onion from stem to root, then in thin slices so they'll cook into nice strings. I cut my chard horizontally (the short way) and leave the stem in because it's crunchy and pretty, and I suspect some health benefits might be hiding in there! Once I cut across, I'll just do some haphazard chops for good measure, so the chard isn't too perfect.

Get your skillet going on med-high heat with a good amount of your olive of choice. First, toss the onions on and get them to that see-through level before you throw the potatoes on top. Cover the pan and hang out for a good few minutes (this could be a good time to make a mimosa... just a suggestion) so that the bottom starts to brown and the potatoes get nice and tender. Flip/stir depending on your personal hashbrown style, put the chard on top and cover that puppy back up (further mimosa opportunity). After the other side of the potatoes & onions have had enough time to brown and cook fully, remove the lid and give the whole thing a stir. Cook uncovered for a few more minutes stirring now and then, and get excited! 

The best part of making the monstrous portion is the leftovers! Freeze what you won't eat in 2-cup portions, and you can have some delish 'browns at a moment's notice next weekend, too. Brunch fa days!

What about them, I'm all about them,

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