Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five

1. I am obsessed with a little website that I think I've mentioned before called Human. While they have a lot of novelty tees that aren't really my style, they also have lots of feminism-themed items that I find more than amusing (I even purchased a crewneck sweater that I pretty much haven't taken off since I bought it). Take, for example, the below:

A bright and cuddly blanket to curl up with while also supporting eye patches and equality?

Some new throw pillows to spice up your apartment?

Or perhaps you'd rather wear your heart on your sleeve?

2. So basically, trailers forever. I've been keeping a window with 20 tabs of beautiful vintage trailers open in my Chrome for week. Did it weird out the man? Maybe. But I have a feeling there might be some paintings and/or papercuttings and/or beautiful daydreams coming.

(Srsly. Look at those flamingos... swoooon.)

3. One of my favorite ladies, my main sister/dirty mistress from my time in foreign lands, shared this pin with me, reigniting my passion for the Austrian artist Egon Shiele. I forgot just how much I enjoy his works. A student of Klimt, his life was crazy, his choices were questionable, and he may have been run out of multiple towns for his 'improper' behavior, but his depictions of places, women, and sex are gorgeous and unique. I encourage you to take a look!

4.  I'm in love with these dainty old lady teacups with sassy sayings inside from UO... I will divise a plan to make these. Stand by!

5. Lastly, for your lulz:

Inner-City Wizard School from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

mama says you should do it while you're young,

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