Monday, January 20, 2014

Earning A Patch In: Papercutting

What have I been doing while I've been away from you all this time Scouts? Well I decided to take up papercutting, of course! 

I stocked up on knives and cutting mats and cardstock during black Friday (holler at Joann's deal$$$), and looked at some online tutes. I dumbed down this tutorial to my cave-woman level equipment and finally completed my first piece. It's a little something to send my little niece for her birthday. I hope to eventually improve to more intricate work, like Rob Ryan and Suzy Taylor, but as they say: PRACTICE!

Step 1: The puzzle of figuring out exactly what to cut and what to leave and where to connect it all. Black permanent marker for cuts, white for keeps.

Step 2: Start cutting. Don't fuck it up.

Step 3: Gaze upon the beauty of your creation. 

The process reminds me a lot of linocutting, which I always enjoyed, but minus the actual linoleum and ink and supplies! I love how organic and yet structured this particular media is, as exemplified by the gorgeous paper cuts and other products based on the designs of Emily Brown at BirdMafia

I adore these simple Valentines and greetings from the Bird Mafia site! (Click photos to be taken directly to those items on etsy.) I can definitely see myself sending little paper-cut 'howdy's in the mail. So keep an eye out to see what else I cook up!

don't you lay those hallelujahs on those babies anymore,

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