Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rock the Trend: how to wear black and white this Spring

Since I'm still home, laying about, I have spent a lot of time engaged in the glorified window shopping that is 'putting outfits together'. It mostly makes me realize that I am capable of being stylish, if only I had the funds.

One thing that is abundantly clear to me about this Spring: black and white is in. There are so many patterns and designs available in black and white right now, which is fine with me because you can really dress those items up any way you want. I've dressed up some of my favorite things for six different occasions below.

First, this gorgeous illusion dress with lots of gold accessories for a night on the town. I haven't really been able to get into the toe-cap shoes as a whole, but I do like these ones that add just a little glitz, while remaining comfortable (and flat) enough to dance the night away. I'm also really enjoying all of the insect-themed jewelry available right now, especially honeycomb necklaces and these earrings.

dress- ELOQUII, necklace- Etsy, cuff- Nordstrom, shoes- Overstock

This is a pretty typical weekend outfit for myself, comfortable and practical, and these monochromatic giraffe-print leggings just set it off. Paired up with your favorite chambray shirt and leather jacket, plus these awesome ribbon-laced docs, you'll be ready to kick some serious ass.

leggings- ASOS, sunglasses- Romwe, boots- Zappos, jacket- Dorothy Perkins, shirt- Modcloth

Nothing quite makes going to work bearable like knowing that you look awesome. I'm in love with so many parts of this outfit, and the top is already on my to-purchase-when-your-size-is-back-in-stock list. I added a cardigan, though I hate them just a little bit (I can't make them fit right), because it seems so much more practical for an ice-cold office. It's a fact known only go Gu that I'm obsessed with blue footwear (see above), so these velvet flats tickled my fancy AND are work appropriate. Incidentally, I adore these earrings, because they accurately reflect my feelings while at work, acting as a small way to stick it to the man without getting fired.

skirt- ASOS, shirt- Modcloth, sweater- H&M, earrings- Etsy, shoes- Heavenly Couture

I always have a hard time getting dressed up for a hot date with my fella, because I can never decide where on the spectrum of fun to fancy I want to end up. Black and white makes it easy though, because a simple geometric dress like this, while a little on the fancy side alone, can have bright and quirky accessories added to pull it over to the fun side. Seriously how cute are these bobby pins? Throw your hair up into a bun and put a few in the back for extra colour. I find that you can never go wrong with dress+boots because dress+boots=perfect outfit, without fail.

dress- Modcloth, purse- Topshop, tights- Silkies, hairpins- Jane Tran, boots- Modcloth, ring- Forever 21

The outfit is also the hardest part of my job interview prep routine. I always like to keep it professional, but I'm not going to hide my personality. I love the swirl on this dress, and the pop of red will still show through an open moto-cut blazer. I waffled between black and red shoes for this outfit for a while, but decided that I'd probably go for colour in my real life, so why not in my window-shopping life. These earrings are very playful, but can hide beneath your hair if necessary. And look at this bag: you could fit your tablet, copies of your resume, your wallet, AND your lunch in it, thus preventing you from becoming a bag lady (with purse, lunchbag, computer bag, etc in tow).

dress- Modcloth, blazer- Dorothy Perkins, shoes- Modcloth, tote- Dorothy Perkins, earrings- Forever 21, watch- Etsy

Lastly, a cute outfit for a casual dinner with friends. Comfortable and easy to wear, a nice flowy tank with a fitted skirt is an option that I always keep available in my closet. I also paired this with sandals because I am ready for the rain to stop and the weather to warm up enough to bare my toes all over the sound.

shirt- ASOS, necklace- Romwe, skirt- ELOQUII, sandals-Lulu*s

What do you think of all the black and white options out there this spring? Let us know what ones are your favorites so we can check them out! 

you fool, it's only moonlight,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Heavy Rotation

Dearest Scouts! I'm coming to you once again, from my bed, still injured. But my ears are working just fine, so here is what has been on rotation during this week of knitting/reading/Netflix.

1. Out of the Black - Neneh Cherry (feat Robyn)

2. Here I Am - Dolly Parton

3. If You Didn't See Me [Then You Weren't On The Dancefloor] - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

4. Train Song - Vashti Bunyan

5. All I Can Do - Dolly Parton

6. No Pointing Arrows - Heartless Bastards

Travelling North to find you,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five (on Saturday, but still awesome!)

Hi there luscious Lushies! I apologize for my absence as of late. I've been fighting a pretty terrible back injury that has me in physical therapy several times a week. This Sunday, when sitting down to enjoy some soup (Szechuan pork soup, as it were), something crunched in my back and it left me screaming, unable to walk, and being taken to the hospital by paramedics. I'm in much better shape now after some good medications, one Harry Potter movie marathon, and lots of TLC from my Mom, so I intend on resuming my posts (especially since I have another week in which the doctor has forbidden me to work and there is only so many times I can watch 6 episodes of True Detective). So without further ado...

1. Wait, you might be saying to yourself, I am already well aware that Lush Scouts love donuts! However, these aren't just any old donuts; these are micro-bead donut pillows! They're 16" in diameter and less than 25$. If you are a blasphemer who likes ice-cream sandwiches, cupcakes, or ice-cream cones better than donuts, there are even options for you.

amazing and adorable donut pillow

2. This video has been on repeat in my life this week (and everyone else's if you're judging based on the 4.5 million views). It takes on special meaning when you have a basic understanding of German, in that geil means both 'awesome' and 'horny'. There are a couple of other amusing jokes in there, involving cats and the like.

3. This handy little infographic (click to embiggen) is going to be helping me out with a little bit of spring cleaning, which I hope to do this week (I promise I won't over-do it Mom). Thank you unfuckyourhabitat!

Flowchart for Closet Cleaning

4. BEHOLD! The Teggings tubetop. This baby, from what I can tell, is essentially a functioning bandeau top for ladies with big tatas! Right now it's almost out of stock, but when black is back, you can bet your sweet bippy I'm going to buy one. A bandeau that would work for me would be a MIRACLE. It's like Re/Dress can see into my soul.

Teggings Tube Top from Re/Dress

5. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: I love looking in other peoples' houses. Now it isn't strictly because I'm nosy. It's more because I like to see how other people decorate. This is why sites liked Apartment Therapy etc are such an epic time-suck for me. This is why I can watch HGTV nonstop when I am somewhere with cable TV. This is also why I thoroughly enjoy the Young House Love 'House Crashing' series. In the most recent installment they took a look at the home of Kimberly (a stylish American living in Manchester). Just check out those colours, that bright and airy kitchen, and that amazing gallery wall that gives this poster-junkie hope for her own future.

colourful sitting room with wallpaper

bright white and airy kitchen

gorgeous poster-covered gallery wall

Tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you,