Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's Awesome Five

Donut you know I'm in love with donuts? Today's five is a testament to a love that will last through the ages: Gu + donuts (hey coffee, you're alright too).

1. Everyone knows that the best way to have a beach bod is to put your body on a beach. Next time my beach bod hits the waves, it'll be atop this larger-than-life donut. From Urban Outfitters

2. It may be too late to give this to your lover for v-day, but there's no wrong time to tell your sweety you love them. Say it with donuts! From MudsplashStudios on Etsy

3. You'll never love a donut so much as when it's handcrafted by your favorite Lush Scout--YOU! I made a big ol' batch of love-infused donuts for v-day (I totally made the ones in this picture! I'm amazing!), and I'll share the recipe with you this week. Yay!!

4. In the mood for an ah-dorable little project? Make balloons to remind you of your favorite treat, then throw a party and invite all your fellow donut lovers! BYOSprinkles? From Studio DIY

DIY Donut Balloons

5. And last, if you find yourself wandering around Pike Place Market with your sweetheart, as I often do, treat them to some tiny sweets! Daily Dozen Donut Co. is right in the market, and anyone who's a sucker for mini stuff (everyone) would love a bite size pastry while they're seeing the Seattle sights. Here's their Yelp page

Thought I was a donut, tried to glaze me,

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