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Eggplant Pizzas (Pinterest Win!) | Fat and Happy

Greetings Lush Scouts! I don't know if you've heard, but I'm quite a pinner, and I actually find the majority of new recipes in my life on Pinterest. I have yet to have what they call a 'Pinterest Fail'. Maybe I'm just not motivated enough to try things that look difficult.  But the recipe below came directly from this pin (which lead me here)and into my kitchen. It's simple, delish, and not-too-bad-for-you: basically English muffin pizzas for grown-ups!

The ingredients list is crazy simple:
An Eggplant (not a shrimpy one, not a giant, just average)
Tomato Sauce (lucky for you, I posted a simple recipe last week!)
Olive Oil (it's a given right?)
Italian Seasoning (or whatever you have available)
Pizza Toppings (the hardest part, I know, but I went with fresh mozz, olives, and salami)

sliced eggplant

First, you want to slice the eggplant. The recipe I was following said to go with 3/4 inch slices. I, however, didn't have a ruler, so I just followed my heart. Here comes the weird thing with eggplant: you have to draw some of the water out before cooking with it. So you then salt both sides of the eggplant and put them on a paper towel. Leave them for 30 minutes to an hour, and then wipe the excess moisture and salt off with the paper towel.

roasting eggplant

Put the slices on a cookie sheet, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with slices and throw in the oven to roast. I gave them about 30 minutes at 400ºF. I was really hungry at this point and couldn't do more than 30 minutes. 

eggplant with tomato sauce

After you remove your roasted eggplant from the oven, set your oven to broil. Then slather those babies in tomato sauce

eggplant pizzas before cooking

Add your favorite toppings. I chose to go simple since it is such a small amount of topping-space.

eggplant pizzas before cooking

Just mozz and olives for me (I thew salami on some, but it was weird tasting, so I ended up taking it off.) Let it broil for 8 or so minutes. Keep an eye on it because every broiler is different. When it's melty and the cheese is starting to get some of those beautiful golden brown bubbles, you'll know it's time to eat.

how to make eggplant pizzas

Chow down! I had a couple right out of the oven and MAN were they good. I also put some in a tupperware, layered up and reheated at work. STILL DELICIOUS. 

And there you have it, lovely Lushies, a handheld pizza reminiscent of the English muffin pizzas of your youth. I recommend experimenting with different toppings. I'm thinking I'll go with hawaiian for my next go-round. Or maybe I'll throw some fresh basil on. The possibilities are endless!

I take my lunch up on the roof,

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