Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

1. It's spring time which means it is almost summer time which means all I can think about are fruity cocktails. Forever and ever. Next on my to-do list is this Blueberry Passion Mojito.

2. Speaking of alcohol, the recenet purchase of Elysian Superfuzz was an excellent choice. Fruity but still with all the excellent qualities a good pale, we enjoyed a couple of these with a fancy ass pizza we made the other night. And seriously, who could resist the packaging?

3. Ya girl has been online shopping! I just dropped some dough at (among other places... sorry bout it), they've got lots of super girly and cute stuff. Maybe too much. Either way, I picked up this frilly little skirt, and Cait was very surprised! I guess spring is putting the girly girl back in Gu!

4. I'm getting a haircut today! I am so so excited! I have no clue what I'm gonna do, but I have never gotten a bad 'do from the sistas at Supernova. Whenever I get the final "so what do you think?!" there's only ever one thing to say:

5. This weekend is the Daffodil Festival in Tacoma! You wouldn't believe the gritty city would still be into this kind of thing, but the festival revolves around a group of "Daffodil Princesses" and is a debutante type of thing. They do some volunteering, throw a parade, and daffodils get painted on main intersections around town, so I'm not complaining! Check out their Facebook page for event info, I'll see ya there pre-gaming Second Saturdayz!

Brought to you by a splash of gu and a dash of Cait

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