Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Berry Grapefruit Mimosa Popsicles | Get Lush (4th of July Style!)

Are you ready for the weekend Lushies? It's a three-day-er, thank you national holidayyy! In honor of this fabulous occasion, I've whipped up a cool and bubbly treat: Berry Grapefruit Mimosa Popsicles. This easy alcoholic popsicle recipe was partially inspired by the anniversary mimosas I enjoyed this weekend (and the leftover grapefruit juice in the fridge), and partially inspired by a desperate search for lush but easy red-white-and-blue-ish coloured food items.

All you need is the following:

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Popsicle Molds

blueberries and strawberries

Assemble patriotic food items. The popsicle molds could really be any variety. I just so happen to have the two dollar version from Ikea (you'll notice they're the same as Gu's), but these ring pop ones are fun too! 

spilled blueberries

Please try to keep your shit together and do not spill all over the table like my messy self did.

berries and champagne

I gave the blueberries a little squish and dropped them in the base of the popsicle molds. I then added some champagne and put these in the freezer.

prepping the boozy popsicles

While you let the bloobs freeze, slice some strawberries. Maybe have a little dinner like I did. Maybe do a little research and find out that cocktail-popsicles are called poptails. Who knew?!


Once the tips of the popsicles are frozen, gently place a few strawberry slices in; 2-3 so that there is still room for the stick works best. Then add some grapefruit mimosa that you pre-mixed in a cup. After you finish adding the mimosa, feel free to drink the rest.

getting ready for the freezer

From there, add the sticks and freeze. I left mine overnight and they were completely ready by the following evening.

easy alcoholic popsicles

The next day, you can break these boozy popsicles out for your enjoyment. Or you can wait until the 4th of July to enjoy.  It's your life and you are a smart, strong, beautiful, independent woman and you don't need a man to complete you. I recommend heating the outside of the mold for a moment with your hand before gently tugging on the stick. This helps your delicious treat come out in one piece!

Roomie eating the popsicle

Even my flatemate enjoyed (and was a very good model/sport for letting me take her picture when it was basically hotter than the devil's buttcrack in our apartment. Then again she did get free popsicles and mimosas out of it!).

Berry Grapefruit Mimosa Poptails

Seriously though, look at the festive red, white, and blue! They're so pretty you almost don't want to eat them, but then the grapefruit mimosa calls your name and you have to dig in.

Do you have any special recipes for the 4th, Lush Scouts?

You've been lying, when you should have been truthing,

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