Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get Lush | Whiskey-Pink Lemonade Popsicles

As if you weren't already the life of the party, my beloved Lush Scouts! Here is a treat that will have you waking up every morning thinking of reasons to have people over that evening, just so that you can open up your freezer and watch everyone's face light up as you exclaim, "Oh hey! Who wants a popsicle with booze in it?!"

Two things are clear: Everyone wants one, and they are super-duper easy to whip up! Cait and I happen to have found the ice pop maker you see here at IKEA, but I see no shame in a tray full of paper cups with popsicle sticks stuck in the middle! Everything else is sort of up to you. If you don't want to start with a plan or a clever name in advance, any combination of what-we-had-for-girls-night-last-week can make for a great popsicle! Though come to think of it, that's a pretty clever sounding name.

Since a plain-pink pop isn't really anything to write home about, I decided to pizzazz them up with some grenadine. Now that we're all sitting at the grown-ups table at Thanksgiving (I wish!), grenadine isn't just for Shirley Temples anymore! The bottle might look like a big commitment compared to how much you actually use in any given drink, but aside from looking beautiful on the shelf, it can jazz up any drink! If you're super worried about it, just buy some orange juice make tequila sunrises--the best way I can think of to get your daily doses of vitamin C and vitamin T at the same time. Plus, I guarantee that your instagram followers are gonna FREAK about all the cute drinks you'll be drinking.

The Recipe:

1 can frozen pink lemonade
2 oz whiskey, approx.
3 tsp grenadine

Prepare the lemonade per the instructions on the can, duh. The rest of the process is a lot more art than science. The closest thing to science involved is putting in enough booze so that upon trying a pop, everyone's first reaction is "woo hoo hoooo! These things are a party!" but not enough that it runs down their arms after their first lick. Alcohol doesn't freeze. SCIENCE. I put about 1/4 shot of whiskey in each, then about 1/2 teaspoon grenadine, and filled the rest of the way with pink lemonade. Put 'em in the freezer for a day or so, and party on. Even by yourself on a rainy Wednesday morning:

Take it sleazy,

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