Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to the GU life

You know how once you realize how great a song is, it is almost physically painful to not be listening to it every minute of every day? (I know at least Cait feels me given her current ongoing This American Life binge!) Well  I get that way with a lot of things. I don't have an addictive personality or anything, but I'll be damned if you make me wear anything but the brand new dress/shoes/modcloth item every day for the first week I own it! Nor would it have been easy to stop me from announcing "EFF YEAH THAT'S FUNNY I'MA TWEET THAT!!" when I first discovered how great twitter is. Its kind of like having an inside joke with yourself, that go-to thing that you know will make you look/feel good without any effort.

This jacket & shoes combo has been really doing it for me this week. Some days I sport 'em with some black pants, zip up the jacket, and mean mug around town. Other days I throw 'em on with some mint pants and a lil' collared shirt and look like a grandma. On days like this, they make a great comfy laundry day outfit to impress all the other apartment-dwellers at the laundromat (and a homeless gentleman, if we're keeping it real here). Its the perfect amount cute and the perfect amount cool. The jacket was left at my house after a party and has been adopted as a member of the family, but is originally from Urban Outfitters. The dress is H & M, the shoes are from the Gap, and the scarf was my aunt's (neat, vintage!). Bonus: this was my first day wearing a super cute bra from PLNDR and we are a match made in heaven.

Go lush yourself,

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