Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

1. Madewell. This site and I have been courting one another for a long time, and I finally took the plunge and gave it a full-day browse. They solve all of my inner preppy vs hipster angst! Its like J. Crew meets Urban Outfitters in there! Its like a martini with a PBR chaser, or cut-off mom jeans with a side of grandma's pearls. I'll certainly be drooling over those bright colors and generous use of denim for a long time, but I won't be able to resist these lil' sneaks they teamed up with Keds to design:

2. For some reason, Dave Grohl has been my patron saint of late. I think it started with this article I happened upon (nothing like a good rock nerd!) and he keeps finding little ways to make himself known.

3. I started watching Wilfred and it SLAYS me! Pretty witty writing from people who clearly have spent some time stoned and wondering what their dog is thinking.

4. Moms! I get to hang out with my mom all weekend for her birthday, which is pretty freakin' exciting. You should know right off the bat, we are very pro-mom here at LS. Either that or we are just blessed with especially legit moms.

5. Went to Patti Smith on Wednesday! She's up there in the hero list, and if you haven't read her book Just Kids get on that real fast. Highlight: Patti yelling "P-U-S-S-Y R-I-O-T!! NEVER FORGET!!" And watching all the middle aged people in front of us look confused.

Ain't no party like a mom's house party

Show us some love, scouts, whatcha into this week?

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