Friday, March 8, 2013

Locals Only | Second Saturdayz

BIG NEWS, Lush Scouts! Tomorrow is not just any Saturday, it is also one of our favorite days of the month: Time for Tacoma's oh-so-amazing Second Saturdayz! Cait and I are among its longest-attending fans, having started our regular monthly trip as early as the second-ever Second Saturdayz--which just so happens to have been this January. In these beautiful past two months we've watched the number of vendors multiply, the buzz spread around the crafting corners in town, the attendance skyrocket, our wallets deplete, and our homes become more adorable! This event is part flea market, part antique store, part ETSY treasure trove. If you're in the market for lovely vintage items (some refurbished or repurposed for you oh-so-hip home, of course), or at the very least if you're in search of a pleasant place to drink your maybe-a-little-hungover coffee, this is definitely the place to go.

As if it couldn't get any better, they're even super awesome people! This month the event is going to open an hour early, so that from 8-9 am you can get first dibs on all the goods AND your $10 entrance fee will go towards a charity helping children affected by HIV/AIDS. I told you, AWESOME! Admission after 9 am is $5, and in our experience there are candy bowls and badass people aplenty to make it worth your while even if a purchase isn't in the budget this month. Second Saturdayz goes down in the old post office building downtown, right off Pacific Ave at 1102 A St, so don't be surprised if you find yourself in a sweet old safe. Again, just speaking from experience.

Want to see what we've picked up so far? You got it:

Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains,


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