Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fat and Happy | Empty-Cupboard Crepes

Greetings Lush Scouts! Man, have I got a treat for you! 

You know those days when you have like nothing fresh in the fridge and nothing in the freezer and nothing good in the cupboards you're just... hungry? Yeah. Me too. And that's the beauty of these empty-cupboard crepes. As long as you have some kind of flour (even the gluten free kinds), they're possible.

I chose to use flour, water, an egg, sugar, and butter. But you can use milk, milk substitute, skip the egg, use brown sugar, skip the sugar for savory crepes, use margerine, use oil, skip the oils, whatever you want! You just freestyle, and as long as post-mixing you have a very thin batter, you'll be good to go.

Grease your pan with butter/margerine/oil/spray oil or use a nonstick pan, and get ready to practice those flipping skills. If you're as good as me you can flip your crepes in the air. NO SPATULA REQUIRED. It takes skills though. 

Watch while your pile of crepes grows and grows! This is the most difficult part though: not eating all the crepes as you make them. You have to save at least some to put all the condiments you own on!

Marmelade! Jalepenos! Jam! Cream Cheese!

And you have something totally delicious and easy to make but way more impressive than normal dinner

Flip it! Flip it good!

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