Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

Hey Lush Scouts! It's Friday again, praise be! And that means a wrap up of all my favorite things about this week. Besides it ending, here are the best parts of my week:

1. This super inspiring TEDxtalk by Amanda Palmer. She has some great things to say about life and asking for help, but more than anything, she says some stuff about the changes the music industry may have to consider to stay relevent; things I've considered myself in fact.

2. I love Essie Tart Deco so much that after buying it last year I used the entire bottle over the course of the summer. Now it's spring again and this lady wanted her tart! So using the $2 off Essie coupon Target is offering right now, I got a new bottle. It immediately went on my fingers. I feel springier already.

3. One of my favorite places for on-trend, sometimes over-the-top, and always sexy plus-size clothes right now is Posh Shoppe. I own a couple things from them already and love them all! As if I didn't already want this top aaaand also this one, they just released a new Colorblock Crossback Dress and I'm in loooove.

4. My sister sent these tea-cup lights to me on Pinterest from Apartment Therapy. They are the Electric Mavis lighting collection from Greg Bonasera. It may or may not be pretty obvious to those around me that I love teacups and this is such a brilliant way to use them! I may have to figure out how to wire a few of these for my own apartment!

5. Besides the other eighty-seven-thousand items I covet over at Modcloth, the Lilac Festival Top has been tickling the hell out of my fancy lately. Much to Gu's chagrin, I love ombre and this shirt fits the bill. Also, I'm not normally a fan of purple but something about this has convinced me to put my predjudice aside.

* Bonus: I am watching the HELL out of X-files on Netflix Instant Stream. Can I get an amen?

Bring out the tiger in you,

Anything get your goat this week Lush Scouts? Let us know!

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