Sunday, June 8, 2014

Salmon BLT with Sriracha Dill Mayo | Fat and Happy

Hello Lush Scouts,

Long time no blog! Good news! I'm finally recovered (mostly)! I've been out celebrating by doing crazy things like walking around normally, going to work, taking less pain killers, and sitting for longer than 10 minutes at a time. It's a real miracle! 

In honor of my return, I whipped up some delicious sammiches inspired by this pin. The basics of this sandwich is a BLT + Salmon. I marinated my salmon in some sesame oil, mae ploy sauce, pepper, dill, and mustard seeds (and possible other things I'm forgetting because it's really just one of those follow-your-heart marinades). I also subbed Spinach for lettuce because I like it more.

fresh salmon, bacon, spinach and tomatoes

While the salmon was grilling away on the old George Foreman (love that fricken thing), and the bacon was sizzling away in a pan, I whipped up the real star of this show: Sriracha Dill Mayo

Seriously though, this stuff is soooo good. It belongs on more than just this particular sandwich. It belongs paired with turkey, mixed into tuna salad, and just about anywhere else you might need mayo (possibly on a hot dog). It brings some heat, while the dill and mayo combine for creamy coolness. I will probably begin stocking this stuff year round, force people who come over to eat it, and also maybe give it as a really weird gift.

sriracha dill mayo ingredients

I took about half a wee mason jar of mayo and added several sprigs worth of fresh dill as well as a healthy amount of Sriracha (3, possibly 4, TBSP). I then mixed with a fork. Easy peasy.

sriracha dill mayo FOREVER

Combine all ingredients on your bread product of choice. I went with ciabatta and also used a little bit of margarine on the opposite side from the magic mayo. As a whole, the sammy is good; really, melt in your mouth good. I could probably go without the tomatoes next time, just because I seem to be on an anti-tomato kick right now, but other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.

nom nom salmon BLT

Pair it up with one of these bad boys, which I've discussed previously, Radler. I'm starting to see this magic stuff stocked more frequently. Schöfferhofer also makes one that I see around, but being as I am pretty favorable towards Austria, I pick Stiegl every time. It overjoys me to see it and buy it, but especially to drink it ice cold out of the fridge.


Let me know how the sammich, or more importantly, THE MAYO turn out for you. 

Down in the jungle living in a tent,

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