Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Springstagram in Review

Hihi Lushies,

As my birthday is nearly upon us (can you believe it's been a year?!), I think that Spring is offically over and Summer is movin' on in. This late winter/spring has been a rough one for me, so I can't say I'm sad to see it go. Looking back through my instagrams though, I had some good times, even when I was laid up. 

I spent lots of time on the couch watching TV/movies my Mom sent me. My friend Shannon and I mutually dyed one-another's hair, I did some indoor gardening, and the boyf sent me a beautiful tree (that I've since killed) to cheer me. Now that I've gotten better, I've been spending lots of time with him and the ol' chuffmuffin, Rosie-dog. I'm glad that summer is here and my parents are even coming to visit next weekend. Things are looking up for sure. 

floral and quilted patterns
movies and entertainment
pink peekaboo dye
succulent and garden gnome
beautiful azalea
amazing healthy green smoothie
indoor gardening and plant starters
valentine's day flowers
the boyf and I
purple dyed tips
snuggly boxer dog
beautiful beach brunch
this boxer is a lap dog

You don't use money, you don't pay rent,

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