Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

Salut Lush Scouts! I have a roundup of my faves from this week, and there are some really great things, if I do say so myself, so read on!

1. I had a great birthday this year! My parents sent me a package of cool things (including a neat bulletin magnet board my mom hand crafted), Gu got me a couple vinyls, my niece made me a card and sent me a picture of a rainbow unicorn, I went to a concert with Gu and some rad dudes, Gu brought me a donut cake (yes, those are giant donuts sculpted in the shape of a hamburger and fries, and yes, it did have real bacon on it), and she also accompanied me to Von Trapp's to drink Austrian beer and eat Käsespätzle!

I even got to partake in the sharing of a boot of Radler! (I have been informed by my uncle that I have betrayed my German ancestors by drinking without the toe up. My bad!)

Which brings me to my next point...

2. While living in Austria, I discovered the most refreshing beverage on the planet: Radler. It is a beer based, mixed 50/50 with soda, drink that comes in a variety of flavors from lemon to lime to grapefruit to berry and in Austria you can even get an Almdudler mix (if you know where to look). It comes in bottles, it comes in cans, it comes branded, and it comes generic. Similar to the British 'Shandy,' but better, I'm always shocked that it hasn't caught on in America. There is nothing like carrying your groceries from the store to the streetcar, to your apartment, and up several flights of stairs, just knowing there is an ice cold Radler to cheer you when you get to the top.

3. On an unrelated note, I recently ran across Fashion to Figure on Pinterest and I'm a big big fan! It's affordable, on-trend clothes for me! There are already many things in my cart to purchase. I've been wanting a galaxy dress for a while and I really like the colour and the style (especially the sleeves) of the one below. I'm just kind of in love with the striped illusion dress, and that skirt is so so so intriguing. The skirt is sheer, but there are boyshorts inside of it. It's just so crazy! Also interesting fact, the founders are the great grandsons of the Lane Bryant and the store is named after something she said in Glamour: You should never ask women to conform their figures to fashion, but rather bring fashion to the figure.

4. I made Gu this little craft project quite a while ago. It's a canvas with raised letters, all painted the same colour. I was making frames for my niece and nephew to keep pictures of themself with their brand new baby brother and had leftovers so I made one for Gu. It took us all of 6 seconds to decide that it should say 'LESS MOPE MORE DOPE' because that's her favorite slogan after 'Life's A Beach'.  I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with mine, but I think I've finally decided and I'll maybe do a quick little DIY when I get around to making mine this weekend.

5. I am considering putting myself on the market for a rug to brighten up the floor of my room/protect my carpet and thus far I'm finding a few things that draw my eye over at Urban Outfitters. I really like the split rugs that they are offering. I like the idea of getting two prints for the price of one. I'm also always a sucker for bright bright florals. I really like the half polka-dot/half floral rug pictured below and I've included a bonus, because I just really like that mat!

She Moves In Mysterious Ways,


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