Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Wee Project: DIY Nightstand

Howdy Lushies,

I just thought I'd show you a wee project (that just took a couple months out of pure spite) that I finished a few weeks ago.

I found this heinous filing cabinet-y thing covered in cobwebs and abandoned in the hallway. It was maroon metal on most surfaces, some wood, and a piece of thick cardboard for the back.

I left it in the hallway for a couple of weeks, but at that point I decided it was fair game. I rapidly discovered why it had been abandoned as I dragged it pathetically into my apartment. This thing is solidly constructed of particle-board and metal and man is it heavy!

I took the back off, pulled out approximately one zillion staples, and wiped away the cobwebs, and after several weeks of modpodging and sanding and remodpodging, I finally had a night stand that only cost a few bucks (and a lot of patience.)

And the moment I finished this project, after significant procrastination, I've moved through several projects since (coming soooon!).

Nothing Compares To You,

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