Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

1. We're having a Lush Outing tonight, Cait and I along with some boyz are going to see The Coup! I am beyond pumped, putting a lot of tracks from their most recent album "Sorry To Bother You" on serious rotation. Not to mention their videos which are super fun and clever/awersome/hilarious. Who's ready to get some socialist boogie-ing on? We are! 

The Guillotine

Your Parents' Cocaine (w/ Justin Sane from Anti-Flag)

Land Of 7 Billion Dances

The Magic Clap

2. Shorts season is fast approaching! Well really if you don't live in the Pacific North West you're probably already sweating, but up here we're still just thinking about shorts most days. Currently I only have some real gnarly jorts that have been doing a great job, other than that shorts are kind of the worst in my opinion! Stay tuned for a 'gu comes to terms with wearing shorts' post. Note: that is not gu's butt.

3. Happy Birthday Week to Cait!! The only way to say that and truly mean it is with this picture of Paul Simon dressed as a turkey:

4. I'm moving soon, and have found myself drooling over hip home goods from spots like Urban Outfitters (already bought a duvet cover... so sue me) and ModCloth that probably shouldn't be priority over expenses such as, oh the security deposit or whatever. I really really love this Spotted on the Shore Shower Curtain from ModCloth! I don't know too much about Bettie Page, nor pinups in general, but I am all about girls being hot if they wanna. I don't think my dude soon-to-be-roomie Jordan will mind those curves, either.

5. As we speak I'm whipping up some vegan lemon almond scones to send to my sister all the way in NYC! We've long had a beautiful sistership, where I love baking and she loves to encourage me to bake and tell me how great my treats are. Unfortunately with a zillion miles between us, it has turned into me texting her pictures of, like, mini cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, and Lisa replying 'bring me soooome :(' Today's your day sis! This recipe I found was too good not to finally send to her! My general philosophy with internet recipes is to use them for their science (aka all the baking soda stuff you can't guess) and then go to town with the craziest flavors you can. Get ready for some fluffy delish treats, sis!


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