Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Awesome Five

1. The Fox is Black is one of my favorite blogs right now. It is run by Bobby Solomon, who has an eye for lovely and good taste in art and music leaning towards the cutting edge. Plus they really love space suits.I really got hooked on the site when I discovered their clever way to partner with talented artists and designers and bring some talent to a boring-sounding medium: the Desktop Wallpaper Project. Here are some of my favs, but there are about a skillion on the site.

2. I want ALL the stuff! Including this tee from Urban Outfitters. (Any stuff accepted though!)

3. The National's new album Trouble Will Find Me is rocking my emotional socks. I admit, I stumbled upon this while perusing NPR's recent Tiny Desk Concerts (a good way to spend a slow day at work), but I am so happy I did! The video from NPR is surprisingly intimate and honest considering that they're in an office and it looks to be about noon the day after a show. Grab the album and sit by a river or lake with some beer, that's how The National would want it.

4. Taste of Tacoma is going on this weekend! Sorry non-locals, this food-filled-fest right on the GORGEOUS Puget Sound is in Tacoma only, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I've never been before, but I know for a fact I'm gonna love it. And did I mention there's a Wine & Jazz garden??


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  1. Those desktop backgrounds totally rock!